Helton Brewing Company Brewery Tours

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Helton Brewery Tours

If you didn’t know already Helton Brewing Company puts on a biweekly tour of our Phoenix Brewery. Every Wednesday at 6 pm and Saturday at 1 pm Helton brings a handful of people on a guided tour of our production facility. For only $20 you can come see how we make our beer and then enjoy six 4oz pours of fresh tasty beer. We believe that a cold beer is even more delicious when you have a close understanding of what you’re drinking.

What to Expect at a Helton Brewery Tour

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During a tour of Helton Brewing, you will get a look at something most people never have the chance to see. The tour takes place directly behind our tasting room because all Helton Beer is made right here on the property. The tour begins at the grain silo and ends in our storage rooms. When all is said and done the entire tour takes approximately 30 minutes, but is encompasses years of brewing expertise.

Our brewery is the culmination of Brian Helton’s entire career as a commercial brewer. When Brian moved into the building he had to remodel the entire property to suit his brewing needs. The result is a beautiful, custom-built brewery on display for your viewing pleasure. After the tour, you will have a true understanding of how fresh and cared for Helton beer is. For those looking to see what it’s like to run an Arizona brewery, this is an unmatched experience. The tour comes full circle with a conclusion of fresh beer that you just learned so much about.

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Some Things You’ll Learn

The Helton Brewery Tour can be as a basic or as technical as you want it to be. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything that intrigues you. We want you to leave the brewery tour with a closer connection to the Helton beer you know and love. There is something special about knowing all that has gone into the beer you are drinking. When you stand next to the massive tanks you will better understand the scale required to bring our beer together. Seeing our malt storage room is surprising to people unfamiliar with commercial brewing. What can be even more exciting is identifying new components of your beer based on the way it is brewed. For instance, once you feel the chill of the cold room you will have a new appreciation for the way you receive your beer.

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When you understand the differences of various hops and malts you will become better at ordering beers you like or helping to introduce others to your favorite craft drinks. For that reason, the Helton Brewery Tours are great to bring friends along to. Our tours are very exciting for those that don’t fully understand what makes craft beer special and different from other industries. One of the most notable parts of the tour is the personal touch that comes from each guide. Stories like 3 am delivery prep to beat the Arizona heat give attendees a unique sense of what an Arizona Brewery does differently.


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Purchase tickets to our brewery tours on our Helton Brewing Company Events Page.

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