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Lemon Grass Saison

A very complex flavored beer. A traditional Farm House Belgian Ale. We used rye malt and Steerling Hops to back up the spice character. Then we added Citra Hops to back up the fruitiness imparted by the yeast. The beer was left to free rise in temperatures well into the high 80s during fermentation to give the unique flavors of a Saison. Lemongrass adds to the complexity of this Spring time Belgian Ale. Saisons were originally brewed in Belgium for the migrating field workers. This is where the Farm House Ales originated. Saisons are brewed to be low in alcohol, light in bodied and dry with the flavors being derived from the yeast complexities.
6.1 % ABV 45 IBU
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Northeast IPA

Brewed with wheat and flaked barley to give a medium body and a golden cloudy appearance. Citra and Belma hops give the beer a tropical, orange and strawberry flavor and intense citrus aroma.
6.2 % ABV 50 IBU
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Single Hopped Series Pale Comet Hops

Single hopped pale ale is a great way to learn how the flavor and aroma of one hop varietal will influence a beer. We keep the base beer the same in a recipe with the percent of grains and type of yeast we use. The series will include some of your favorite hops for you to enjoy.
5.5 % ABV 45 IBU
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Rye Pale Ale

Brewed with Weyerman Rye Malt at 30%. Hops are Nugget, Centennial and Chinook. Dry hopped with Mount Hoods and Sterling. Medium bodied beer with a spicy finish and a lingering hop character.
5.4 % ABV 45 IBU

Scottish Ale

Scotland’s native Golden Promise barley lends a full, smooth, malted character for a deep, complex ale. It pairs well with robust foods like lamb, gruyère, and beets.
7.0 % ABV 30 IBU
Availability: Year Round


Brewed with Centennial, Chinook and Columbus—this beer achieves a delicate balance between citrus, floral, and fruity flavors. Enjoy with salami or gorgonzola.
7.7 % ABV 75 IBU
Availability: Year Round

Milk Stout

The epitome of smooth. Rich, roasted flavors complement the silky mouthfeel, and finish with semi-sweet chocolate and coffee notes. Goes well with barbecued beef, aged cheddar, or desserts.
6.5 % ABV 35 IBU
Availability: Year Round


Distinctly fresh. A beautiful golden hue with a crisp, malt-forward nose, light body, and classic lager finish. Great with lighter foods like fish, white cheddar, or berry desserts. JULY 2016
4.9 % ABV 12 IBU