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Cherry Bock

A strong German Lager fermented with sweet cherries. Extended lagering phase to meld the rich Munich Malt character with the high alcohol content.
11.0 % ABV 30 IBU
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Imperial Stout

This rich and complex stout is packed with roast and dark chocolate notes. Has an assertive hop profile to balance out the malt bill. Full bodied with a dry finish.
12.1 % ABV 70 IBU
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Baltic Porter

Made with a Lager Yeast Strain. Rich malty, toffee like aromas that lend a prominent roast and dark fruit finish. Finishes smooth and dry with a well-aged alcohol warmth
8.0 % ABV 30 IBU
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Pekko IPA

Refreshing IPA featuring Pekko Hops. This slightly hazy, 50 IBUs is brewed with Pilsner Malt to give a very light color and simple malt profile.
6.7 % ABV 50 IBU

Dry Hopped Blueberry Sour

Kettle Sour with Oregon blueberries. Dry hopped with whole leaf Mount Hoods and Loral Hops for a slight lemon flavor on the finish.
4.8 % ABV 18 IBU
Helton Brewing Company Boysenberry Sour

Boysenberry Sour

American-brewed sour ale designed intentionally to be tart by inoculating with souring bacteria. 88 lbs of Oregon boysenberries lend the unique color and fruit flavor to this beer. We decided to make this beer have a 3.2 pH level to match the boysenberry flavor in the middle to make a well-balanced sour ale.
6.7 % ABV 10 IBU
Availability: Year Round

Black IPA

American Black Ale brewed with massive amounts of hops to taste like a Double IPA. Blackprinz malt gives a subtle roast and coffee-like character along with giving this beer it’s unique black color. Flaked oats were used to give this beer a big mouthfeel to help the flavors linger on the palate. The hop profile is complex flavors and aromas from Chinook, Falconer’s Flight, Cascade, and Citra.
7.5 % ABV 100 IBU
Helton Brewing Company NEIPA

Northeast IPA

It’s all about the haze. Brewed with wheat and barley to give a medium body and golden, cloudy appearance from the use of English yeast strain. Citra and Belma hops give the beer a tropical, orange and strawberry flavor for intense citrus notes and aroma. This beer is heavily dry-hopped.
6.2 % ABV 50 IBU
Availability: Year Round

Scottish Ale

Scotland’s native Golden Promise malt lends a full, smooth malted character for a deep, rich and complex ale. Low hop levels are used to keep the caramel sweetness in the finish.
7.0 % ABV 30 IBU
Availability: Year Round


West coast style IPA. No caramel malts are used in this style. Malt has a very small part in the flavor of this beer. This beer is all about the hops. We used Citra, Simcoe, Columbus, Mosaic, and Cascade hops. This beer achieves a delicate balance of citrus, fruit, and floral notes.
7.7 % ABV 75 IBU
Availability: Year Round

Milk Stout

The epitome of smooth. Rich, roasted flavors complement the silky mouthfeel, and finish with semi-sweet chocolate and coffee notes. Goes well with barbecued beef, aged cheddar, or desserts.
6.5 % ABV 35 IBU
Availability: Year Round
Helton Brewing Company Pilsner


Unfiltered, classic American Pilsner brewed with Idaho pilsner malt. Czech Saaz hops are the only one we use on this beer. Saaz is Noble Variety that contributes the classic spice character to all Pilsners. Lager yeast with cold fermentation temps lends a crisp and dry finish.
4.9 % ABV 12 IBU
Availability: Year Round